Cross-Country -- August thru November 2004

This is the fourth page of our cross-county trip.
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The Wandering Individuals Network (WINs) is a group of RVers, mostly full-timers, who I joined a couple of years ago in Arizona. They are an active group, many of whom carry bicycles and/or kayaks on the rigs to enjoy the outdoors wherever they roam.
Last year, WINs president, Sharon Runyan, decided she wanted to do a grand circle tour of North America, and invited fellow WINs to join her along the way. She left northern California in April of this year with a few adventurous individuals. Other WINs planned gatherings along their intended route, and the result has become a serial gatheirng called WEWIN04. By mid-September, they had crossed Canada, toured New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, and were working their may through New England. We "caught up" with them in the Green Mountains of Vermont, in Marshfield, just a few miles east of Montpelier.
In addition to the scenic beaurty, this area also abounds with factory tours. We did two, the Rock of Ages granite quarry and Ben and Jerry's ice cream factory.
But the high point was out visit to theShelburne Musuem (Thanks, Elaine, for your recommendation!). This 45-acre complex includes restored buildings, art galleries, awesome collections of quilts, doll houses, coaches and carriages, antique autos, and a fully restored Lake Champlain steamship, the S.S. Ticonderoga. Here is Jackie, writing a note to Elaine on the Ticonderoga's stationary.
From Marshfield we traveled a few miles south and west, to Ticonderoga at the southern end of Lake Champlain. We toured Ft. Ticonderoga -- but took no pictures -- relaxed by one of the waterfalls that give the La Chute River its name, and got laundry done for the first time since Indianapolis!
Tuesday (9/21) found us enjoying the fall colors and lovely lakes of New York's Adirondacks State Park which, at 6,000,000 acres is about the same size as the state of Massachnsetts. We spent a big chunk of the day at the Museum of the Adirondacks at Blue Mountain Lake, a great repository of artifacts related to this fascinating area -- and a whimsical overzised chair for us to clown around in before moving onto our camp at the fairgrounds in Boonville, NY
Joni, who was one of the WINs who organized this stop, lived for several years in Boonville. So she arranged a couple of tours of private historic homes for us, conducted a walking tour of the town, and got us all invited for a ride around Lake Kayuta on her friend Bill Corrigan's pontoon boat. Here she is sitting just forward of Skipper Bill. The swing we're sitting on was in the garden of Bill and Eleanor's lakeside home .
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